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Melbourne based art-rock ensemble Tulalah reach beyond the confines of their instrumentation to create an ever-expansive sound that flows effortlessly through many musical landscapes. Lush vocal chorales, soaring into powerful horn arrangements, juxtaposed against rhythmic guitar figures; Tulalah’s music will evoke a unique emotional response in every listener.


Inspired by the meditative minimalist textures of Sigur Ros, the punchy drive of Grizzly Bear, the breadth and warmth of contemporary orchestral music, and the intertwining intricacy of Punch Brothers, Tulalah aim to take listeners on an immersive journey through a captivating soundscape of “delicate somberness that moves you...phenomenal and lush” (Ariana Hwang).


Tulalah’s debut LP The Flood captured the attention of tastemakers such as Kev Beadle (BBE Records UK), Jon Oliver (USA), Toshio Matsuura (JPN), Mike Gurrieri (PBS), Paul Gough (Radio National) and Gilles Peterson (BBC6) who described the album as “A little bit folky, soul, jazz, fabulous stuff!”. The band followed up in June 2017 with their second LP, The Question, furthering the development of their musical voice with a unique ‘contemporary meets orchestral’ work.

Tulalah are now taking the time to develop their awe-inspiring live show and new material in preparation for the recording of their third album in early 2018.